When you need a professional.

Editing a magazine or websites requires a professional, and every project has different requirements. 

I work with in-house teams and liaise with external agencies and freelancers to:

  • Hire writers, photographers, videographers, designers, and illustrators.
  • Edit copy, approving layout designs, film length, and illustrations.
  • Set up interviews, ensuring everyone is there on time, and efficiently dealt with last minute changes, and get the media where it needs to be, on time.
  • Create events calendars to ensure a rolling content stream for a website, and a clear idea of the look and feel of each issue of a magazine. 



Personal Editor

I work with professionals who find themselves tasked with writing articles for in-house magazines, local newspapers, or business publications.

I bring out the best in a client's own abilities, editing their work and helping them develop their writing skills to the point where they have the confidence, and craft, to go it on their own.